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Ancient Ruins - Natural Terrarium Combo  - Set A

Add some interest to your own terrarium masterpiece with this unique combination of natural terrarium accessories.


Included is a selection of fresh live moss varieties, 1 medium sized piece of aged, extra gnarly feature wood, and a set of 3 naturally porous rock formations.


Hand selected for their naturally rugged and beautiful textures, shapes and colours, these items can be arranged in numerous ways within a terrarium to complement each other, and look great from many angles - especially when used in conjunction with the moss.


Not only do these items add character to your creation, the organic materials aid in essential ecological processes for a healthy ecosystem, whilst providing an ideal media on which moss can be grown.


Ideal for use inside a medium – large scale terrarium project.


Moss selections will vary depending on availability at the time of harvest and come in a 130 x 130mm pack size. This pack usually includes around 5+ varieties.


You will receive the exact rock / wood items pictured, so once it's gone it won't be available again!


Head back to the terrarium supplies page for more combinations.


*Supplies have been cleaned using eco-friendly methods, however, there still may be some light traces of soil and debris remaining being 100% natural products.

Ancient Ruins - Natural Terrarium Combo - Set A