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Terrarium Soil Mix

Our special blend of premium natural materials come together to create an airy yet robust mix ideal for use in terrariums.


Provides sufficient water retention yet ample aeration to help prevent root rot - the main cause of terrarium failure. Natural, beneficial microbes and soil probiotics maintain healthy foliage whilst supporting future growth and soil fertility.


We use an organic blend incorporating coco coir as opposed to peat moss (found in many store-bought mixes). Coco coir is a 100% organic and renewable resource and provides a great neutral PH to set your terrarium on its way to success.


Trialed and tested on numerous Ladyfern terrariums over the years, this soil mix has remained a consistent key in helping to mimic and build a healthy miniature ecosystem.


For planted terrariums where most miniature indoor plants are used, we recommend using our terrarium soil mix in conjunction with drainage layers for added benefit to plants.


Created and sold only in small batches.


500g or 800g option.


*Please note weight and colour may change slightly in this product due to varying moisture levels that occur during processing and packaging. Individual results may vary.


Packaged and sent in eco-friendly home compostable materials.




Terrarium Soil Mix

PriceFrom $12.00