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Moss Soil Substrate

This special top soil blend has been specially formulated by Ladyfern to be used in conjunction with our live moss varieties to encourage better growth and long-term success.


When a thin layer is added on top of existing soil, this substrate acts as a binder layer in which the moss can adhere to easier and more effectively. Much like a primer for your moss.


It contains our secret blend of natural materials which provides the ideal soil PH, density and water retention, without the use of extra nutrient additives which can harm moss.


Unlike plants, moss lacks a root structure and instead have rhizoids, which are small hair like structures that help the moss to anchor to the surface and spread. If provided the correct surface to adhere to and the right conditions, moss will have a better chance of establishing inside the environment provided.


Only a small amount needs to be added to the area where moss will be applied, and so applying a thin layer of 5mm - 1cm is adequate for success (it can be applied even lighter) - a little goes a long way!


It can also be used as a topper inside planted terrariums, though is not suitable as an entire soil substitute for planted terrariums. For planted terrariums, where most miniature indoor plants are used, we recommend using our terrarium soil mix in conjunction with drainage and charcoal layers for added benefit to plants.


Available in limited batches.





*weight and colour may change slightly in this product due to varying moisture levels that occur during processing and packaging. Individual results may vary.


Moss Soil Substrate