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DIY Terrarium Starter Kit

Starting your terrarium crafting journey is easy with this cute DIY kit. Included is a set of comprehensive, yet easy to follow instructions, and a terrarium care guide to encourage long term success after completion.


Designed to be used with a small sized glass jar or vase measuring around 15cm in diameter (+ a little extra). The media included can be used to make either one terrarium or split to create a few mini terrariums.


All the basic essentials are included minus the container and plants which is perfect if you already have a glass vessel at home you wish to turn into a planted terrarium, or a good excuse to get creative and recycle something else into a terrarium!


Suitable to use with small humidity loving plants such as fittonia, moss, ferns, peperomia, ficus and more, this kit also works great for propagating cuttings from indoor plants.


Hand made using our in-house blend of quality materials - used in our own successful terrarium builds.


The materials come packed in eco-friendly and cute pouches already measured out in the perfect portion sizes. Presented in a fully recyclable hamper box fashioned with luxe green satin ribbon, this makes a great gift idea for planty/crafty people.




- Base pebbles

- Horticultural charcoal

- Premium soil formulated for terrariums

- Easy to follow step by step instructions

- Terrarium care guide

- Amber glass mister bottle

- Bamboo chopsticks for hard to reach vessels


*For $10 extra, add a 15cm diameter glass vase (open fishbowl design) to pair with the kit.

DIY Terrarium Starter Kit

PriceFrom $30.00