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DIY Botanical Craft Supply Box

A beautiful compilation of homegrown and dried natural botanicals, hand selected to encourage creative expression and imagination.


Conveniently included is a divided and hinged storage box made from unfinished wood and glass. Use it to store everything, or get crafting and use it for something else!


A pair of flat edge metal tweezers are included to assist in removing the florals, and are also ideal for working with the small and delicate components.  


With a generous collection of colourful and interesting preserved flowers, lichens, and tiny pinecones, the creative possibilities are endless.


These can be used for a range of projects including art domes, shadow box frames, resin, scrapbooking, flower arrangements, wreath making and more!


Being completely natural elements, no two sets will be exactly the same, however the inclusions will be similar to what’s pictured. Please be mindful when handling as they can be brittle and some shedding is possible.


All the florals included in the sets have been home grown and preserved by Ladyfern without the use of artificial dyes or chemicals.


Store away from direct sunlight and humidity and they will keep as is for many years.


See the photos for an example of a mini dome made using some of the florals you receive in the box. 


*the dome is not included and is pictured as an example of use.




DIY Botanical Craft Supply Box