Hypnum Moss

Fresh moss sustainably grown and harvested from our family property in SA.


Generous live moss from the hypnum moss genus.


Container size is 130mm x 130mm


The word 'Hypnum' was derived from the Greek word 'hypno' which translates to sleep. Most likely linked to its history of being used to fill pillowcases and mattresses!


Hypnum moss, is known by a range of names including cypress-leaved plaitmoss feather moss and sheet moss. It is one of the most hardy and versatile moss varieties found all around the world, growing on a range of different substrates.


Beautiful and velvety in texture, this moss forms dense mat like clumps and on close inspection resembles tiny feathers or miniature cypress trees.


It has a more golden or olive green shimmer, and is a great alternative to sphagnum moss. Also works great for kokedama due to its carpet like formation.

Each pack has been harvested fresh by hand, and carefully packed to ensure a good quality of moss is in each pack. 

Super easy to use and take care of, avoid direct sunlight and mist with water when slightly pale or dry.

It will be misted to stay fresh on it's journey, and sent in eco friendly compostable packaging.




Hypnum Moss

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