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Premium Ancient Feature Wood Set

These beautiful natural wood formations have been exposed to the elements for many years, thus creating characteristic textures and distortions only able to be achieved by the weathering of time.


Carefully hand selected for their unique appearance, they can be positioned and admired on many angles so their use is up to your own creative ingenuity.


The wood you receive will be the exact ones photographed. Photos display the wood from different angles, and are the same items.


Incorporate into your terrarium design to enhance your miniature landscape, whilst creating a rugged terrain on which beneficial insects and plants can thrive.


Also ideal for other craft projects and displays such as attaching moss and epiphytic plants.

-Not suitable for use in aquariums.


Sold as a set of 3, they could be used in 3 separate projects, or paired together in a single build.


Pen shown for scale. Woods measure approximately 28cm long,  23cm long & 23cm long.

Due to the unusual shape and size, they are best suited to medium - large scale projects.


Please visit the 'Terrarium Supplies' page to view similar items currently available.


These woods have been very carefully cleaned using natural processes, but being a 100% natural product, there may still be traces of soil, microorganisms and loose debris dislodged due to age and fragility.


Premium Ancient Feature Wood Set