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Handmade Mushroom Watering Olla

A fun take on an ancient watering tool and concept, these hand crafted mushroom ollas work by creating a moist soil zone for plants when buried underground and filled with water.


Due to the naturally porous nature of terracotta, water gradually seeps out from the surface creating a slow supply of moisture to the surrounding soil, directly to the root zone of plants.


The amount of water used will vary based on how dry the soil is, and how much is needed. If your soil is very dry you will find the olla empties very quick, whereas if it is moist, you will find the amount of water inside will dissipate slower.


Ollas are very sustainable for hot, dry gardens as they help ease evaporation and soil run off, promoting stronger root systems more resistant to extreme temperature fluctuations. By releasing moisture where needed, there is also less risk of fungal issues often associated with excessive top watering.


In short, they help to conserve water, time in the garden and help keep plants happy.


Can also be used with indoor plants (larger pots) or just as a cute jar!


How to use:


  • Dig a hole large enough for your olla to sit about 5- 10cm away from the root zone, (avoid disturbing the roots.)


  • Bury the bottom half of the olla into your garden bed or pot with the top 1-2 cm exposed. Lightly pack the soil around the olla ensuring it isn’t too densely packed in.


  • Fill the olla with water and put your mushroom lid in place.


  • Keep an eye on the water level inside the olla. Water remaining inside will vary depending on the weather, existing moisture levels and soil type.


  • Lift the mushroom lid off to check moisture inside – if you see your concealed mushroom friend looks a little thirsty, time to refill!


Comes with an info and instruction guide - please see the last photo for an example of one in use!


Entirely hand sculpted and detailed with their own characters, no two are alike.


Sold individually - You will receive the exact olla in the first photo.

Measures approximately 24cm tall.


*Not to replace regular watering, they are mostly a supplementary watering tool.


Handmade Mushroom Watering Olla

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