DIY Skull Terrarium Kit + Live Moss

Skull terrariums look so cool, and are extreamly rewarding once they are complete.. not to mention very low maintenance!


This kit contains all the materials you need in convieniently sized portions to save you the hassle of running around trying to find everything you need. Materials come in eco friendly compostable packaging.


The narrow opening to the vessel can prove a little  more challenging for the beginner terrarium maker, but with easy to follow step by step instructions and care tips, you will be crafting in no time.


An excellent gift or fun activity for yourself. 


The kit includes:

- Glass skull with cork (measures approximately 13cm high)

- Live moss

- Rocks

- Charcoal

- Premium soil ideally suited for terrariums

- Easy to follow step by step instructions

- Terrarium care guide

- Glass watering pipette

- Bamboo chopsticks for hard to reach vessels

- Cardboard gift tray



DIY Skull Terrarium Kit + Live Moss

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