DIY Terrarium Kit - Glass Jewel

This kit comes with a beautiful jewel shaped vessel. The black metalwork frames the contents inside perfectly and is ideally suited for plants which prefer better air flow than your usual closed terrarium designs.


The materials come packed in eco friendly, and cute pouches already measured out in the perfect portion sizes for this container. Easy to follow step by step instructions and a terrarium care guide are also included.


Everything you need to get started...just add your choice of plants!


The kit includes:

- Empty glass jewel terrarium (measures approx 20.5cm tall x 14cm wide x 14cm deep)

- Rocks

- Charcoal

- Premium soil specially formulated for terrariums

- Easy to follow step by step instructions

- Terrarium care guide

- 30 ml glass mister bottle


*this design is not 100% watertight so avoid overwatering, or place on a tray if you are concerned with possible leakage. - daisy dish not included (display only)


DIY Terrarium Kit - Glass Jewel

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