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Cream Natural Preserved reindeer moss / lichen pack

130 x 130mm filled container of preserved natural lichen - commonly known as reindeer moss.

Lichens are incredible natural plant like formations made up of a combination of fungus and algae. They form unusual coral like textures which can be used in a range of creative projects such as diorama, curio domes, scale models, floral arrangements or simply placed in a glass vase to display its natural beauty.

*not suitable for long term use in live terrariums or humid environments.

This lichen has been preserved so will keep for many years if stored correctly. To best maintain its condition, keep away from direct sunlight and store /display in an air tight container.

Individual pieces of lichen may vary in shape, size and colour but will be similar to our product pictured in the photos.

Though these are a little stronger due to the preservation process, the lichen is still quite brittle so please handle with care.


Cream Natural Preserved reindeer moss / lichen pack

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