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3D Antique Garden Frame

A highly detailed arrangement of real elements, carefully collected, preserved and arranged to capture the beauty of the natural world in a 3D picture display.


Inside you will find real daffodils, daisies, lichen, gumnuts, ferns, vines, miniature pinecones and more. In the center, is an ornate wood carving which was incorporated as a link between both the built and natural environments.


Inspired by abandoned ruins, antique conservatories and folk art.


Can be hung on a wall or displayed upright on a flat surface.


To prolong the beautiful colours and elements inside, it has been treated with a UV sealant. All the colours excluding some of the preserved lichens and moss are natural. Though it has been treated, some light fading and shedding may occur over time, so avoid placing in direct sun.


Frame is made from wood and acrylic.

Measures 23cm x 6cm x 28.2cm

3D Antique Garden Frame